yarra run

Distance: 7km
Time: 47:15
Pace: 6:40min/km

I planned this run earlier this week and enrolled James as an added challenge, as I know I run faster with him. It was almost 12km in total, but we walked the last few kilometres as I was tired and just didn’t feel like running after we’d done all the fun riverside part — the last stretch is a busy dual carriageway, yuck. At 7km, I think it was still a decent run. I would probably have run slower by myself and done the whole thing, but I think it’s good for me to push myself harder from time to time.

We’ve also not been running together for a long time and so I decided to keep my music on to avoid the cursed stitch — it worked, and I barely suffered the whole run. It’s not very sociable to run with earphones but I enjoyed having the zinc-smeared company.

I’m pretty psyched about my new running sunglasses! I’ve been longing for a pair for weeks now, as it gets very sunny here when it’s not raining. I checked out a couple of pairs out this afternoon and they were A) hideously dorky and B) around $200 a pop. Fortunately James stopped me from being an idiot and found me a great pair for $10. I still look very dorky in them but they are otherwise perfect so now I just need the rain to stop long enough for me to run.


2 thoughts on “yarra run

    • Thanks so much! I’m progressing, slowly-slowly but moving forward nonetheless! You were my first inspiration so I hope you can get google reader to work, it makes me very happy to know you’re reading!

      I am about to sign up for my first race too! just a 10k fun run but it’ll be on Australia day which makes it extra hot and extra fun 😀



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