I haven’t had a stay-at-home holiday since I started working. Either I’d pick up and go to Europe for a whirlwind tour of friends and family, or I’d head straight to my favourite destination — Hong Kong — to party and shop till I was physically and financially destitute. In fact, I haven’t had a SAH-holiday since I was in school. As a result I always come back exhausted and poor and possibly more strung out than when I left.

This year I have no money and my bridging visa makes it difficult to leave the country. I am actually thrilled to stay in my darling Fitzroy: I will run and swim and use up those yoga classes; I will do some colouring and cooking and maybe even cleaning. I will force my long-suffering boyfriend to put aside his motorcycle and take me on trips to the coast where I can splash around in the ocean. I will try very hard not to answer my work phone even though it has been ringing constantly since I left the office.

But today I am struggling to do
anything! I am just laying in bed and browsing the internet and failing to motivate myself to do anything. Which is why I particularly enjoyed this post on guilty pleasures by Slummy Single Mummy. She’s a slummer close to my heart. I might run later but I’ll probably end up on the couch eating crisps and ice cream in my shorts and bra and watching TV… It is the holidays after all!


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