product placement

Distance: 4km
Time: 24:26
Pace: 6:04min/km

Today I was wearing my new sunnies but also my new lululemon running shorts (love!) and new Tri-action sports bra — which were a naughty xmas present to myself. lululemon athletica are ridiculously expensive but so perfectly cut and designed that the moment you put them on you feel slim, toned and ready to runnnnn!

Unfortunately I couldn’t find my running belt in the hideous jumble sale that is my room. Fortunately these shorts have a little pocket at the back just big enough for my phone. Unfortunately that meant I got a lot sweatier than I would hope with such expensive and perfectly designed shorts. Fortunately I did listen to the girl in the shop when she insisted I get the size 4 from the other store in Chapel St and not the size 6 they had at Bourke St. Otherwise my shorts would have been down around my ankles (also thanks to the VERY USEFUL DRAWSTRING which James was mocking just last night).

I’m really in need of strength workouts. It used to be that I had the strength but not the endurance — now I have good endurance and motivation but no matter how hard I pushed in my last kilometre I only did it in 5:40min. 5:40! That’s a whole minute slower than I was this time last year.

Oh and in a final burst of product placement, I ran listening to the Ministry of Sound Running Trax album. It was crap-tacular. Then I came home and had my post-run protein: a Vaalia innergy yoghurt shot with a spoon of chia seeds mixed in. I know it’s high in sugar but other than that it’s perfect for immediate recovery. And delicious.


One thought on “product placement

  1. Hello, and happy Christmas, and I hope you are being cared for and loved and feeling well. May be we can chat sometime? Call me if you would like to.


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