I am kicking myself for not taking a single photo! James and I went down to Phillip Island for a very Aussie NYE, staying at a beach house with a pile of friends, including my beloved Nadege who is responsible for introducing us.

I didn’t think I’d done that much worth blogging about, only I did have such a good time, so briefly here are the highlights:

  • Using copious amounts of sunscreen and a big floppy pink hat: tick
  • Hiding from 37 degree sunshine that singes the hair on your head: tick
  • Squealing and splashing and eventually swimming in the briskly refreshing ocean: tick
  • Burying a body in sand on the beach: tick (ok it was a live body but good practice)
  • Reading a book made of paper: tick (increasingly rare unfortunately)
  • Getting a haircut from Anna (not a hairdresser, she warned): tick
  • Eating and drinking and laughing and talking and being surrounded by lovely people: tickticktick!

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