ready steady spaghetti

Distance: 6.17km
Time: 40:50min
Pace: 6:37min/km

James totally baulked at my energetic plans — I suggested a swimming/running biathlon for the last day of the holidays, and he suggested drinks and deep fried carbs. He won and Little Creatures provided me with plenty of pink moscato and fries… Hmmm… so today I definitely needed to get a run in!

I noticed my splits reduced as I warmed up:

1km – 7:15
2km – 7:17
3km – 6:54
4km – 6:49
5km – 6:12
6km – 5:32

I’m thinking if I want to achieve a faster pace time, maybe for the first 3km I should warm up reaaaally slowly to conserve energy, and then make a conscious effort to speed up and push hard for 2km? Or something. I would like to see more than one kilometre at 5:30min/km.

Whilst doing laps around Carlton Gardens I was thinking about how when I move out in 2 months from now, I really hope I’ll be living near a fun place to run. I’ve been running around Carlton Gardens for over two years now and I’m heartily sick of those hilly paths. I would love to run on a nice, flat, sandy track… if only Albert Park were closer!


One thought on “ready steady spaghetti

  1. Now you’ve got me thinking about my split times. I basically run the same kilometre after kilometre regardless of my distance. It sounds silly, but the idea of speeding up at some point scares me and makes me think I’ll give up! The mental challenge of running never ceases to amaze. xx


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