and again…?

I know, third post of the day. It’s possibly the last day of my holiday (or I may have another 4 days!) and I’m finally rested enough that I have the energy and drive to DO things. So after the yoga class, cooking a healthy lunch, doing laundry, reading a book, driving to IKEA and back and parking, framing a drawing I’ve been meaning to sort out for over three years, baking vegan spice muffins, and doing groceries, I have spent my evening cooking the Smitten Kitchen chard and white bean stew.

And tidied and washed up after myself — Mansa and my kitchen thank me for this unusual thoughtfulness.

I made my stew with silverbeet instead of chard, and used only one can of white beans as two seems excessive when cooking for myself. And because I never have wine available for cooking — and rarely even for drinking — I took the Internet’s advice and substituted a cup of broth and a teaspoon of vinegar instead.

I was so excited to be sauteeing a mirepoix…

…that I forgot to add the garlic! I added it in later, so between the garlic and the lack of wine I’m sure the Smitten Kitchen version was superior. However, mine was good enough for me, and I’m happy with the results. I’m also pleased that I have lots tupperwared for work lunches next week.

(lest anyone should be worried about my inhabitual activeness: I also had a 3-hour nap this morning after my shower…)


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