Shouldn’t have used the ready steady spaghetti title! It would have been perfect for this meal.

I’m still living in a bit of a bare-cupboard mentality, even though I have at last been paid and all that jazz. It’s not a bad thing, as I have a sizable dentist bill coming up. So anyway, when I cannot bear to spend money on groceries, this is what happens:

Olive oil
Grated carrots
Small can of mixed beans
Cubes of Thai tofu
Frozen peas
Splash of soy sauce

Yum! I’ve decided to return to being a vegetarian (avoiding dairy when possible, but eating fish and eggs, my own semi-vegan thing) and this is packed with protein thanks to the beans, peas and tofu. If I’d had it with rice it would have been super-proteined but I want to use up my pasta.

Had the ants not got to them first, I would have added slivered almonds and raisins. The cupboards are increasingly bare, I am going to need to do some major grocery shopping soon…


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