Today has been a chore. I woke up with aching hips, which always happens when I swim too hard after a long break. I declined to run — from this end of the day it’s not clear why, maybe the sore hips were that bad? — and spent the rest of the day frowning. I’m mainly anxious about moving house, but also annoyed by work and finding it difficult to stay positive. I can really feel the difference on days when I skip a run. It’s ridiculous, as I walked through the park in the pouring rain this evening, watching other runners but telling myself I didn’t need to run. Obviously I did.

However I did finish both my holiday books: How Did You Get This Number by Sloane Crosley and Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegurt. There is an overwhelming consensus that I should get back into Anna Karenina now, and so I shall, although if I haven’t progressed by the end of the week I might pick up the George Orwell for the weekend read.

I also finally did the little puzzle mummy sent me a couple of years ago! It was very cute and surprisingly similar to a Professor Layton puzzle, because of how weird the shapes were!


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