I’ve been browsing fun runs and races and I think I have a few lined up for the next three months (I got an email today saying I’m probably only weeks away from having my Australian Residency processed!! but I don’t think I will be leaving Australia before May). However, knowing how my interests wax and wane, I have only signed up for the first run on my list. I’ll see how I feel and then hopefully follow through with the second run. I’m pretty sure I can handle 10km but I’d like to see how I deal with 8km first, before I get too full of myself.

Feb 16th – Super Sunset Series 8km fun run at Princes Park

Feb 27th – Sri Chinmoy Yarra Boulevard 10km run

I say all this and I haven’t even run for the last 3 days. I’m running tomorrow morning though, come rain or shine… and James has planned a 15km run for us on the weekend, as long as his knee has recovered. And as long as he isn’t out saving the world managing disasters for those wretched flooded Queenslanders.


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