what i was looking for

Distance: 6.15km
Time: 37:22
Pace: 6:03min/km

Wet wet wet! When I miraculously got off work 2 hours early, even though it was pouring with rain, I knew this was my chance to scope out the run I saw online today — up to Lygon St, round the Cemetery and park and back to Fitzroy. It makes for a run just over 6km long and is mostly flat.

I wore the worst running outfit. My lululemon running shorts were all in the laundry, as were all my good running bras. So I wore the cute-but-very-short bright blue Adidas shorts, and my old running bra. Consequences: my thighs are nastily chafed from the rain and my bra rubbed a hole in my sternum again.

But what’s a bit of soreness and blood compared to the absolute thrill of knowing I really pushed myself? Knowing I ran over 10 kilometres today, and walked 3 more during my work day? Knowing that I pounded out 6km in the pouring rain and did good times — kilometres 3 and 4 were at a pace of 5:42min/km!

Maybe it’s a bit like when you listen to music and feel the lyrics are all about you. But last night I read the chapter where Levin goes out to mow the meadows with the peasants, and I absolutely loved how well Tolstoy captured it all. It’s all about that methodic, strenuous yet soothing effort, the inner battle to keep going, the silent burst of pride when you reach the first marker and you still keep going, and then that glorious moment when you’re done and you can look back at all you have achieved, and even though you know it wasn’t monumental and others do just as much and more every day — you know you did well. Nothing can beat those feelings, and that is what was missing this morning. And that is absolutely what I achieved with this evening’s rain-drenched run!


2 thoughts on “what i was looking for

  1. *sigh* So jealous of the fact you have real running gear. I am still making do with some cheap and nasty bits and pieces. I know it won’t make me run faster if I’m wearing Lorna Jane, but I’m sure it will make me feel like I am! 🙂
    Well done on the run, great distance, great pace, you’ve got the year off to a flying start!
    You keep making me want to go and read Anna Karenina again – might have to get it at the library though, not sure where my copy has gotten to, probably boxed away somewhere. xx

    • Haha yes I guess I’m lucky in that a while back I was exercise-crazy, working out at least once a day, at a time when I had a lot more disposable income — so I have the wardrobe already! Although the most indispensable bit today was the glad wrap around my phone…
      Anna K is brilliant 🙂


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