time goes by so fast!

I am a little disappointed to say that the stand-out moment of my yoga class this morning was that I took someone else’s flip-flops home by accident, and it wasn’t till after a run (in my still-wet trainers from last night) that I realised my mistake and had to go back to the studio for a sneaky swap. I suspect I’m a cause of inconvenience to someone out there this morning, as mine were still there but few other shoes remained! So not every class can be an epiphany.

I did an assessment run with miCoach this morning, as tomorrow I start training for the Sri Chinmoy 10km race and I will be giving the miCoach training programme another trial. It tells me my zones are:
Blue: 8:35-6:58min/km, 7-8.6km/h
Green: 6:58-5:52min/km, 8.6-10.2km/h
Yellow: 5:52-4:54min/km, 10.2-12.2km/h
Red: 4:54-4:01min/km, 12.2-14.9km/h

Sounds like gibberish to you? Basically I warm up in Blue zone, then cruise in Green. Most intervals will be speedy Yellow, and then hardcore Red is thrown in to mix things up. The programme starts tomorrow with a 30-minute run: 5 minutes in the Blue zone, 20 in Green, and then another 5 in Blue.

There is a one-hour run scheduled for Sunday, which I’ll do as part of my 15km with James — most of it is in Green, which works fine for the pace I run at with him. Hopefully I will be comfortable with miCoach now that I’m running regularly again!


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