cruisy run

miCoach run 1
Distance: 4.65km
Time: 30:15
Pace: 6:32min/km

I can’t work out if running with Graham today was an aid or a hindrance. I scored 95% on today’s run, and I came out of it barely out of breath. I was holding back a little for the entire run and would have liked to push a little harder — and run a little longer — but I was aware that Grah was pretty much at full capacity. And miCoach kept yelling at me to slow down. I wonder how frustrated James gets when he runs with me?

Running up at the Lygon st Cemetery is definitely the way to go. It’s 1.5km each way, and 3km around, with smooth flat paths. I have a 50-minute run scheduled for Monday morning so I will do two laps and hopefully do the full 9km, although I reserve the right to walk after I’ve run the full 50 minutes.

I don’t understand how I ever stopped running. I am finally returning to that point where it’s fun — where it’s what I do. I know it’s easy in the summer, with my early-rising and late starts at work, but I don’t want to lose this habit again. I really lost sight of myself in April last year, when I let issues at work and a should-have-been-over-years-ago relationship take over — I stopped yoga, stopped running, stopped the gym, and hibernated most of the winter… It’s taken over 10 months to get back here!


2 thoughts on “cruisy run

  1. It’s so good to hear you talking about running like this. It is supposed to be enjoyable, or we wouldn’t keep doing it hey! Having said that, I’ve only been running one or two times a week – you are motivating me to get back into it more. I miss that side of town actually. I need to find some good tracks, am a bit sick of running on the road and dealing with the elements on the beach. (Ha, poor me!!). Might try Albert Park, even though it’s a 15 minute drive. Do you ever run around Princes Park? When I lived in Brunswick I used to walk around it twice every other day.

    • I think it’s Prince’s Park that I’m running around/through when I do this “cemetery run”, as there’s a park adjoining and that’s half of the run. I will probably run around the entire Prince’s Park on a couple of occasions in the coming weeks, as that’s what my 8km fun run is and I should get to know the terrain!

      I would highly recommend Albert Park of course, if you can find time to get there! I’m glad I’m motivating you! I had to hunt down this particular run online, browsing other people’s forum posts etc, but I’m really happy with it as it’s so flat. Maybe if you have a look around online you can find good runs near you? xx


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