Distance: 4-something km
Time: just under 30min

Today is sunny and the rain of the past week all but forgotten. All but forgotten until we reached a spot 4km into our scheduled 15km run and suddenly the trail was flooded. I was already mentally re-calculating and planning to take the road when James finally admitted his knee was definitely not ok and we needed to go home.
Fair Reader (and fair James), I admit, I was sorely disappointed. I had just hit cruise-mode and was starting to run smoothly and comfortably at a good pace. The thought did cross my mind to hand over my house-keys and head off to run at least the full hour scheduled into my programme. However, my own knee, and both my ankles, are not exactly pain-free, and I resigned myself to stopping for today, so as to give them a break.

I’m undecided with regards to tomorrow. I accidentally deleted today’s run from my phone, so I can either repeat today’s schedule (5 minutes blue, 50 green, 5 blue) or just enter it as partially completed and move on to tomorrow’s schedule (10 blue, 30 yellow, 10 blue — scary!). Tune in tomorrow to find out what happened!


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