deafening silence

Yes… missed two runs and a yoga class… but I did learn how to do hook turns this morning during my driving lesson…

I have been decidedly uninspired; I had a slightly unsettling Sunday night and have been struggling to fall asleep since then, meaning that as I avoid using alarm clocks, I have not been waking up in time to do anything much before work. I did wake up at 5 this morning, which would have been ample time to get to yoga, have breakfast, shower, go to my driving lesson, go to work where it’s ridiculously busy today… and then go for a friends’ goodbye drinks and see James tonight… I did the maths very quickly and decided to go back to sleep. Sometimes sleep is more important than yoga.

Regardless, I have been feeling very guilty about not exercising these last 3 days, and then I read my iGoogle horoscope (usual disclaimers: I don’t actually believe in horoscopes, I just like reading it because it usually gives some sage advice, applicable to all and sundry!):
You want to continue with your regular routines, including eating whatever makes the most sense to you. But unconscious desires can lure you away from your healthier resolutions. Don’t judge yourself so harshly if you slip off track today. Meanwhile, keep working toward your goals and you’ll notice progress soon enough.

I assume 90% of the western world is on a resolution to live and eat healthily at the moment, so it’s hardly surprising that it would resonate with me — or anyone else, whatever their starsign! But I liked the “Don’t judge yourself so harshly if you slip off track… keep working towards your goals and you’ll notice progress soon enough.”

Besides… my shin splints are finally gone, as is the nagging pain in my ankles. I probably needed some time off.


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