Distance: 8.66km
Time: 52:02min
Pace: 6min/km

5km in 28:39min
Fastest km in 5:10min

I didn’t finish work early; I didn’t have a free evening ahead of me; my knee wasn’t feeling perfect.

I still did it. It would have felt like defeat not to, even after this morning’s horoscope-update. I did yesterday’s scheduled run — 15 mins in blue, 20 in yellow, 15 in blue — and I ran 8.65km, my longest non-stop distance yet. Those 20 minutes in yellow (between 10 and 12km/hour) were the hardest I’ve done in a long time. But it was worth it, to achieve my personal best!

After I got home, I ran back out to the chemist’s before they closed, to buy a knee support. My knee doesn’t like this running malarky. I hear so many people complain about “bung knees” and “bung ankles” (not just you, James) and I hate that Australianism so much. But my knee doesn’t feel painful so much as weird, like the patella is floating around. So I’m hoping this ugly knee bandage/brace thinger will help. lululemon need to design some sexy support for knees!


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