This blog was very quiet over the weekend, as I was insanely busy setting up and holding a wardrobe sale. I’ll possibly blog about that later… but wanted to get my fix of endorphins-and-smug, which comes from updating with my latest run.

Time: 30min
Pace: 6:25min/km

I woke up at 6-something, and spent 3 hours ignoring my running shoes. I laid in bed and sulked. I’ve been sulking furiously since yesterday morning (when I also ignored the whole running thing) and last night was particularly sulky (I could have run after work, but decided to watch Glee and Pretty Little Liars instead as they constitute my weekly dose of trashy tv shows). This morning I wondered if I would ever run again. After nearly a week of not running, it seemed like the most monumentally difficult thing I had ever done. Scratch that — getting out of bed was a challenge I couldn’t meet. I congratulated myself on not signing up for the Sri Chinmoy 10k, and sighed at the loss of the SSS 8k run I have signed up for. Obviously, I was washed up. No more running for me. I was staying in bed for-EVER.

But then I did get up — the call of nature — and once I was vertical, running was definitely happening. I left the house at 9:30, cursing myself for leaving it so late, and with my left knee safely ensconced in its ugly support brace, ran to Prince’s Park. I then cursed myself further at the realisation that I had left miCoach set to “miles” instead of “kilometres” and so instead of getting an update every 6-7 minutes, I was getting one every 10 minutes. However, I completed the run (but so close to 5km… I hate not having round numbers) and of course now I remember why running is so important to me and becoming such an integral part of my life. When I don’t run, my scalp and my shin-bones get really tingly with anger. I don’t know why, but they do, especially when I’m at work. Please Rosie, stop slacking off and getting grumpy!

And the knee support — oh knee support — let me count the ways I love you. Well, only in one way, really — the way in which my knee-cap stays firmly on my knee and takes all the squick factor out of running. My right shin and calf are still rather tight, but I think with some stretching I could avoid that. However I always forget to stretch.


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