first world problems

Distance: 7.5km
Time: 46:31min
Pace: 6:06min/km

5km in 30:57min
Fastest km: 5:28min

My right ankle and shin ache and ache at the moment. I have a feeling it’s caused by running on tight calf muscles — by the 5th kilometre the pain is barely noticeable, as I’ve warmed up and am running smoothly. I know I should stretch more and rest more… But I just can’t seem to achieve that. I figured I would just take it easy and chose a 45-minute run from my programme (blue, with 3 5-minute yellow intervals). I actually stopped after a minute or two, as my ankle hurt so much, but I just couldn’t turn around and go home…

I ran to and around the entire Prince’s Park + Cemetery. And home. And then my GPS died and suddenly I was GPS-less! Boo! luckily it was less than a kilometre from home so I could work it out and not lose any data.

I sometimes feel silly updating so much, for every single run. But there are several reasons: I write this blog for myself anyway, I want a record of my progress, and I quite simply just enjoy writing about it!

And personally, I can’t get enough reading about other people’s runs. It’s my primary motivator, reading running blogs first thing in the morning really gets me going. However, most of the ones I read are written by runners in the Northern Hemisphere and they have gone very quiet about the whole running thing since winter and snow and all that jazz hit the town. There’s a notable lack of posts about running in my feed!

Maybe they think it’s boring for readers, and that once it’s completely routine they stop being blog-worthy… regardless, I miss other people’s running stories, and I’m going to keep writing my own…


4 thoughts on “first world problems

    • Your posts need never be about running, I love reading about you and your hilarious family all the time. My only request would be more updates! every day! I laughed out loud reading about the hip-hop moves (and your discrete transformation of the soup to rice) this morning.

  1. Good job blogging for yourself. =) For me, the only thing that keeps me blogging regularly is writing about things that interest me (regardless of what others think). And yes, even if I were a runner (which I’m not), it is WAY too cold here in Chicago to jog outside. =) Yikes. The winds from the lake would probably kill me!

    • Hi Jenna, thanks for commenting! I think I’d be in for a shock if I had to endure a real winter again – I’ve been spoilt by 4 years in warmer climes 😛
      I always enjoy your updates, you are so entertaining, and all the lush photography makes it such a pleasure to read.


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