I happen to be afflicted with rather terrible self-image (although I suspect many women feel the same about their bodies). I have no intention of writing about it — but I realised recently that there is one situation where I feel both beautiful and slim — after a yoga class. I always wash my hands when I come out of the studio, as all that standing on the palms of your hands can be a bit nasty (according to many of my friends my fussing about dirty feet is also manic and irrational!) and when I look up and catch sight of myself in the mirror above the sink, I am always taken aback at how pretty I look in that moment.

There’s so many great things about yoga; if only it didn’t involve getting up at 6am…


One thought on “beautiful

  1. This is such a great post, and so very very true. I think there are moments where we all feel beautiful in our natural state, I’m so glad that you have found that for yourself. x


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