hitchhiker’s guide to running

Distance: 12.56km
Time: 1:11:46
Pace: 5.43min/km

5km in 28:49min
10km in 56:32min
Fastest km: 4:54min

Best. Run. Ever.

I changed a few things today:

  • I ran in the evening
  • I didn’t run on an empty stomach, as I’d been grazing all afternoon
  • I stretched before and afterwards
  • I listened to an audiobook (Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy) instead of music
  • I turned off the speed instructions on miCoach and kept only the most minimal updates on
  • I paused for a quick mouthful of water every couple of kilometres

I love love loved this run! I had no pain, I had no anxiety, I didn’t worry about speed (and yet kept hitting speeds of 12km/h and faster) or preserving my energy. No stitches, no tiredness. I felt very efficient and effortless in my running. I really enjoyed listening to Stephen Fry (even though the Douglas Adams version is superior) and I dashed around Prince’s Park over and over as night fell and the paths emptied. I am so happy and excited!


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