Distance: 7.03km
Duration (see what I did there): 44:42min
Average pace: 6:20min/km

5km in 33:13min
Fastest km: 5:25min

I am very frustrated by the GPS in my phone as it’s unreliable and frequently drops out or goes crazy. I’ve been looking at Garmin watches and agreeing with James that they are more practical and more efficient and more precise but they are also less free. Of course, in 3 months from now I won’t have a phone and I’ll still need to run so I’ll probably cough up the cash once I stop getting hit with evil lawyers’ fees. And dentists. Grr.

In the interim, instead of miCoach I’m running with a new tracker called Endomondo, which I quite like. It doesn’t magically make my GPS better, but it does have live tracking which allows me to view myself on the map as I run — thus ensuring that I will never get lost again.

Today I was keening for a run all day — since yesterday, truth be told! — but lost all enthusiasm about ten minutes before I finished work. However I’m starting to get the hang of doing it anyway and after my 4th kilometre began to perk up a little. The deal I made with myself was to run 5km, and I did 7km, and although I started out slow, every kilometre was much faster than the previous one. So whilst it wasn’t the best run of my life… it’ll do for tonight!


2 thoughts on “endomondo

  1. I need to be like that about walking the dog. Here it is coldish, -3, but I can’t motivate myself to get on and do it, and that with doggo whining and barking at me!


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