fivers and tenners

Distance: 10.05km
Duration: 1:06:05
Average pace: 6:34min/km

5km in 34:32
10km in 1:05:45
Fastest km in 5:52min

Normally I try to remember my motivation when I blog about my runs. I don’t think there was one today; I didn’t think about much except how I couldn’t wait to reach Princes Park, which is over 2km from my house through busy streets and up-hill, where I could finally run smoothly and breathe easily.

I was quite slow today, although I checked the tracker online and it seems to have cut a lot of corners so maybe I ran a little faster and little further than it thinks. The great thing about Endomondo is I can actually share it with people. It’s supposed to embed everything below but WordPress is only showing a link, so I guess you will have to follow the link to see my exciting run through Fitzroy, Carlton, North Carlton and Princes Hill!

I’m about to get my period and feeling very, very achy and painful. Tonight after work, Superhero James and I are driving (well he’s driving and I’m watching) up to Sydney overnight, and then down to Canberra for the weekend. I’m hoping that all of these events will work together smoothly!


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