dog on the tuckerbox

The superlative James and I have returned from our long road trip (2092km!) and it’s back to dreary old work. We had a lovely weekend and I will update with a few photos as soon as I have time to upload them.

I’ve been struggling with procrastination and a lack of motivation in recent months, as I’m easily distracted from my work and unfortunately there’s no option of “turning off the internet”. I really, sincerely want to give my best for the next couple of months, and so far I’ve not been able to counteract the even more real and more sincere contempt I have for actual work.

Today I did find a strategy which has helped me get through the day and the terrifying amounts of work I have in front of me this week. Anyone reading this blog will know how much I like tracking and timing myself; I have been using the stop-watch and timer on my phone to keep count of the times I spend working (and not working!). It turns out, what I imagine to be a 5 minute internet break can quickly turn into an hour, and so I’ve been a lot more careful about setting a timer so I can get back to work, and about not going on these little “breaks” so frequently.

And additionally, it’s great to see how long it actually takes me to do a drawing, or to compile a proposal. It’s like an endurance race when I see how long I can go without stopping when working on my reports. And it makes me proud to see how much more I can get done when I overcome temptation and just keep bringing myself back to the work I’m doing.

Sometimes my little strategies last a day, sometimes a week, sometimes they stick around for good. It would be great for both me and for my work if I could train myself to have better self-discipline…


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