Distance: 5.07km
Time: 33:07min
Average Pace: 6:30min/km

5km in 32:33min

So who is the busy bee who hasn’t had time to run for 10 days, even though her first race is tomorrow? Who is the stresshead who has been working 12 hour days, weekends included, and has been constantly on edge and weepy for the past week? Who is the lazybones who has preferred to lounge in bed on the rare occasions she hasn’t been working or fulfilling social obligations?

Okay enough with the silly chiding. Even though it meant getting up at 6am so I’d have time to run before the dentist before work, there was no way I could afford to miss this run. Unsurprisingly I now feel about a gazillion times better. Tomorrow’s race will probably not be a record-breaking event for me, but I’m confident I can finish 8km as I still have the stamina even if I’ve slowed down a bit.

Following the dentist, I was torn between going into work early or going home for an hour. I put in long enough hours as it is, and I knew going home would make me sleepy and mopey. So I spontaneously stayed on the tram and came to Brioche by Phillip, where I am enjoying a coffee and one two of their little brioches. They aren’t outstanding but it’s nice to break in my new crown — I haven’t eaten on this side of my mouth for months…


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