complacency and the tan

Distance: 3.8km
Time: 24:37
Average pace: 6.28min/km

I planned to go check out the Tan after seeing the doctor this morning, as I’d already have a tram ticket. After all I have to run 10km there on Sunday! it’s only 3.8km around, but I wanted to make today a short run. I probably should have eaten something before leaving the house but I don’t think that is enough to explain my crappy time – I pushed harder in the last 1.5km but it was too late… I know it also takes about 3km for me to warm up, but I guess since Wednesday’s race I’m more aware of how slow I am.

I’m annoyed at myself for getting so complacent once I’d finally started to improve. I didn’t put in the effort to maintain what took me several weeks of regular running to build, and now I’m back where I started – and it’s race season.

So today’s little trot will serve as a reminder that I must NOT get complacent. On Wednesday I’m free in the morning before work and I will work out a strategy to run a good 8-10km or so. Then a 5km on Friday. Then the 10k on Sunday.

In other news I just started taking Lexapro, in a bid to stay sane and avoid causing grievous bodily harm on someone at work (well either my boss or myself). There’s no way it could have any effect already, but I feel suitably sedated better already as I’m fairly zonked and a bit dizzy (the power of placebo is incredible!). It’s just like being stoned when I was a teenager and it suits me very well as I Just. Don’t. Care. about work. I think the boss is a little disconcerted by my flat-yet-compliant tone.

And finally, I’m thrilled to say that my two garage sales combined earned me $1319.50 — with a few more dollaroos coming in when friends pay me for clothes and books they picked out last week. This has inspired me to eBay the remaining nice shoes, bags and coats, and to have a $1 sale maybe next weekend to finish flogging off the leftovers. Every dollar counts, and I just want to get rid of everything! Looking forward to my future minimalist lifestyle.


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