run plan

I have a running guru in my office (although he is very modest as befits anyone who is at all knowledgeable about any topic), so I asked him about how best to prepare in the run-up to Sunday’s race.

Wednesday’s run is still to be the bigger, more “training” run:
3km warm-up (“and don’t time yourself when you are warming up! you really need to lose that habit.”)
4 x 100m strides – increasing speed till in the last 30m I’m going all out
1km running very hard, as fast as I can
1-2km cool-down

On Friday, he agreed with my plan to run an easy 5km.

Me, I like plans and instructions. I look forward to Wednesday!

Also, I feel better, with the instruction of not timing my first 3km when I’m warming up. They are exactly that and I shouldn’t worry about them!


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