Distance: 8.6km
Time: 1:26:31

Shock! Horror! I might has well have walked most of this — oh wait, I pretty much did.

I don’t know why exactly (although I’m flailing round looking for something to blame, and casting meaningful looks at my meds) but I ran slower today than I have in months. 8:40 min for one measly kilometre? my fastest kilometre (the “go hard” kilometre) was 6:31min — which is my average pace on a less than stellar day. I felt like I was a heavy, weak, powerless little thing who might well puke her guts out if she tried to run any further after 5km.

I can’t really do anything about it. So I guess I’ll have to suck it up and just run the 5km on Friday and the 10km on Sunday at embarrassingly slow paces, and try to ignore the pitying looks that come my way.


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