give yourself a pat on the side, you tried you tried you tried

Sunday’s race didn’t happen — flu and stress and tiredness and lack of training all contributed to my decision not to run. I’m glad I didn’t; I’m too emotional to deal well with failure and given the aforementioned and the pouring rain, my Sunday was far better spent looking after myself and preparing to move house this week.

I’m not terribly enthused by running at the moment to be honest, and I’m sort of on a break until I feel the call of the track again. But today I went to yoga, which was good. I surprised myself as I found I was actually more flexible than I have been in the past in certain poses. The only thing that sucked about today was someone near me absolutely reeked of sweat like I haven’t smelled since I frequented high school gyms (ie over 10 years ago!). That’s what happens when too many boys come to yoga classes :p Every deep inhalation was more of a gasp and a struggle not to retch… Gross!


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