First of all:
THIS! The Face of Freedom! I am a Permanent Resident of Australia!

Instead of getting really drunk to celebrate this fact and then sleeping in, I got quite drunk and then woke James up at 6 to go for a run before work. Well, James is the one who really wanted to run, as he has new shoes and they’re shiny. In fact, I suspect he just wanted me to write a blog about his shoes and how awesome he is. So even though I haven’t run for ages, and much less run with James-brackets-a-boy-semi-colon-he-runs-fast-close-brackets, we eventually managed to find all my running gear and get out the door.

So we ran in the cold wet dreary Carlton Gardens and pulled out a vaguely 30-minute 5 kilometre jog. I didn’t take my phone as I am tired of the hassles of technology, and it’s just as well I learn to run without music and without pace/distance/time updates. James checked the distances occasionally, and other than that it was just me and the rain (and a boy with the most hilarious shiny blue Mizunos….).

See First!! I’m free! and happy!!!!


3 thoughts on “celebrations!

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