my favourite kind of day

At last! at last I can see my running ticker move into the 300s. I stopped running when my little kilometre counter was at 290km. I’ve been for a couple of runs and last week it sat at 299.72km, taunting my loss of energy and motivation. But yesterday, the boy with the shiny blue Mizunos and I went to Brooks and purchased some shorts (for him) and a running cap and some socks (for me), and then how could we possibly resist going for a run in the rain? now I can finally say I’ve run over 300km since September (although most of them were squished into December and January).

We haven’t really run much together these last few months so it was a bit of a struggle for me – I’ve lost a lot of the strength, endurance and determination that I used to have. It was cold and very wet, my shoes kept filling up with stones, stitches assaulted me from both sides, I didn’t bring any music to distract me, and it was hard to find my own pace whilst wishing I wasn’t so ridiculously slow. The amount of effort I had to expend in comparison with James was a bit demoralizing, and I had to stop and walk for a little bit to get the stitches under control, but we did manage to slosh out 6.3km (rest and walk included) in I think 40 or so minutes.

I know I’m only a few runs away from getting back into running… I just don’t reaaally feel the desire to run these days. But now that James is recovered from his injuries and back on the right track, I think it will probably influence me and make it easier for me to run on a regular basis, until it stops being a chore and becomes a pleasure again.

Anyway, after running, we came home and cooked a Poulet aux Morilles, only here in Australia morels cost $15 for 6 dried pieces, and I didn’t fancy spending more on mushrooms than I did on wine, even when my guest is the beautiful and entertaining Mansa. So my (organic, free-range) chicken was first dismantled by James and then accompanied by crème fraiche and shitake mushrooms instead (in case it wasn’t obvious, I’m eating meat and dairy again…). It tasted pretty good, but the highlight of my dinner party was definitely my gorgeous roast potatoes! I used Graham’s recipe, which I’m pretty sure is stolen from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. They came out melting inside and crispy and crunchy and golden on the outside… I love potatoes.

I’m so excited about going back to France after being gone for so long. Coming back to the house yesterday night, it smelled beautifully of French cooking (and roast potatoes!) and reminded me of how great the food that I grew up with is. I have a feeling James and I are going to get very fat this summer – better make sure we’re running every day to compensate for all the rich food we will be devouring! I’m exactly 1 month, 2 weeks and 1 day away from getting on a plane…


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