the best diet

I was just aimlessly wasting time looking at blog posts which talk about poulet aux morilles, and then I noticed this one, about Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s “Slimming Diet”. I wanted to comment over there, only the blog owner’s moderation system doesn’t like me and my non-Blogger identity. So apologies for stealing it from you, Joanna, if this trackbacks to you and you see my “borrowing” of the diet post. It’s just too wonderful not to share! It’s also very close to how I eat anyway on a daily basis, and I’m quite partial to a little smugness.

Hugh’s anti-Atkins diet

This is principally a diet for energy and health, not weight loss, but serious fatties will probably find the kilos fall off. By rights I should earn billions for this, as it is guaranteed to keep you well-nourished and fit for the rest of your life. But here it is, gratis, from the goodness of my happy, healthy heart:

For breakfast

Eat a bunch of fresh fruit. Then, if you’re still really hungry, have a piece of toast.

Mid-morning snack

Eat more fruit. Then, if you’re still really hungry, have another piece of toast.


Eat a bunch of veg. Raw if possible. If you’re still hungry, have a sandwich (but not two), or a piece of chicken, or a lump of cheese (but not both). Eat with juice or water, not Coca Cola or Fanta.


Have another piece of fruit. If it’s a bad day, have a biscuit too.


Eat whatever the hell you like. If you’re actually trying to lose weight, eat whatever the hell you like, but not too much of it.


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