soon soon soon!

I can’t think of much else these days; running and cooking and all that jazz are all very well, but I’m really just counting down the days (it’s 6 weeks – it’s 42 days – it’s 1010 hours!) till I leave Melbourne and head back to Europe. I cannot wait to be in France (and I’m already regretting not going straight from Melbourne to Mummy… my long weekend in London now seems like a stupid idea) and there are so many things I am looking forward to:

  • hanging out with my mother, sister and naughty little brother
  • charcuterie. cheese. charcuterie again.
  • going down to the boulangerie every day for fresh bread
  • doing so in the company of my much adored boyfriend
  • romping with the dogs
  • going for long walks in the woods around where we live
  • having an entire house at my disposition instead of just a room or two
  • yoghurt that doesn’t taste like it’s been stripped of all joy and humanity
  • going on adventures with James
  • long runs “dans la nature”
  • reading all the Tintin books again in French
  • French supermarkets
  • over-dosing on British comedy with my sister
  • getting purple whiskers from drinking too much local red wine
  • lazing around reading books instead of constantly checking my BlackBerry
  • Miel Pops! Frosties! Weetos! Crousty Miel! all washed down with Fresh Milk that doesn’t upset my tummy
  • did I mention the food? THE FOOD!
  • showing James the beautiful town centre of Cahors, its cathedral, its bridges, the Mont St Cyr
  • swimming in the tiny little swimming pool, which seemed so huge to me the first time I saw it 15 years ago
  • snuggling with the kitties and then shoving them off the couch when nobody is watching because of the delight I get from their butthurt faces
  • driving with my mother and flinching as we fly around corners* but still loving it because every car ride with her reminds me of other countless car-rides over the last 27 years — being alone in a car with Mummy always feels like we’re running away from Daddy and there’s an inexplicable, incomparable joy and sense of mis-behaving that comes with it
  • croque-monsieurs and steak-frites and galettes bretonnes and pains au chocolat and petit-salé and chouquettes and brioche and baguettes jambon-beurre, at all the bistrots and boulangeries I encounter
  • Leclerc, Carrefour, Champion, and their aisles of gateaux secs
  • trains, even though I’m now no longer eligible for the “12-25” prices 😦
  • speaking French again on a daily basis and ditching my recently acquired anglo accent.
  • *Not because you drive badly, mamma, but because you do drive quite quickly on those tiny country roads, and I’ve never got used to it!


    4 thoughts on “soon soon soon!

    1. I forgot to say thank you for the parcel. The books look really interesting, I was just glancing at The Fatal Shore, but I fear the Callanetics may sit on my shelf as it did on yours. 😀 When you come perhaps we can push each other into a bit of action.

      • I know, I thought we could do them together occasionally. I didn’t want to get rid of the DVD as 1) it cost nearly $100, and 2) the one time I did it for 10 minutes, I could really feel it the next day! I think they’re probably really good and we should have some mother-daughter workouts!

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