heelsontheground! heelsontheground!

I came home from work yesterday floating on the little cloud that comes with suddenly having your own assistant. I spent a shameful 30 minutes cramming my face with bread, cheese and beer, and by 8pm was laying in bed, bloated and dopey, feeling rather self-satisfied.

I embraced the laziness and promised to myself that I would go to yoga in the morning to compensate. And I did.

[here was a long waffley bit about yoga and self-growth and being happy and James, but it was a bit tooooo waffley so I got rid of it. I’m sure you can extrapolate]

And somehow during downward dog I got my heels on the ground! Woooot! Unfortunately I have hurt my left wrist slightly, so doing upwards dog sucked horribly, but heels down was fantastic. I have maybe 4 or 5 classes left on my card, but I’m looking forward to using them up over the next month before I leave Australia.


3 thoughts on “heelsontheground! heelsontheground!

  1. Well done! Really glad you are happy, too.
    I did yoga yesterday but didn’t drink the water after and have the most awful courbatures today. 😦


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