pocket full of sunshine

I realised last time I ran that I would need to suck it up and start again, and forget all about how good I used to be (of course I use the term “good” loosely; everything is relative). I did this when learning Mandarin, and I did it not once but twice, and it had excellent results — and probably if I were to go back to language school, I would have to do it again, as things like studying Chinese (and running) require fairly consistent and regular practice if you are to be any good at them. It’s not like riding a bike, unfortunately.

So I reminded myself that when I was getting back into it last time, it was about FREQUENCY over DISTANCE or SPEED. Just get out there, even if it’s only for 20 minutes, but go every couple of days. I used miCoach, and ran according to its directions – 5 minutes blue (7min/km), 20 minutes green (6min/km), 5 minutes blue – and found that the entire experience was quite agreeable. I ran 5km in 32:30 and apart from my knee hurting a like a mofo when I got home and took off the knee support, it was overall very encouraging. Hopefully I’ll get another run in this weekend. I’d like to run with James on Sunday but I have a feeling it’ll be very, very boring for him…

And speaking of weekends, here’s one of my favourite kinds of weekend:


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