Distance: 8.3km
Time: 55 minutes

(this entry written on an iPad so sorry for any typos or American spellings — it has a mind of its own, particularly when it comes to apostrophes)

We had quite a late start as I have recently been struck with indecisiveness when it comes to agreeing on a destination. Eventually James suggested that we run to Fitzroy Gardens and see if I felt strong enough to run to the Tan once we got there. This turned out to be a great idea, as once I’d been running a little while the Tan seemed far more attractive — especially as it is flat and, you know, runny.

I grimly stuck a pace closer to a crawl than a jog for the first 2-3km, and soon had a delightful stitch to work with too. I spend a good 15 minutes hating on James and his long legs and effortless bouncing by my side. It’s also quite hard to pace yourself when so many runners are cascading past you — one of the reasons for which I was apprehensive about running the Tan on a Sunday morning.

But as we started up the hilly section of the track, I literally grit my teeth and determined I would soldier on. Somehow, this changed the way I was breathing, and I felt the stitch melt away. By carefully sucking/sipping shallow breaths through the top of my mouth and my nose at the same time, I discovered I could run quite comfortably and increase my pace by over a minute. From 7min/km, I went on to run several kilometers at an average pace of about 5:45min/km. It was great, and my fastest split was apparently 5:39 minutes.

After a while I felt my ankle and knee were just too sore to continue, so we walked to Pony Fish Island and had a beer and some waffles (with maple syrup and mascapone, yum!), and I wrapped myself in blankets and laughed at the people queuing up to take the ferry. I’m feeling a lot more confident about investing in new shoes and a Garmin now. And I really enjoyed running with James — I’m so grateful that he puts up with my sluggish pace, amongst other faults đŸ™‚

Tonight I’m meant to be cooking dinner for Bridget, Sam, Mansa and James, but I’m not sure how I’ll actually achieve such a thing. Maybe we’ll just have take-away!


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