new shoes!

I debated waiting to buy new running shoes until I get to Europe, but then I worried that I wouldn’t be able to get the professional “shoe mechanic” advice I can get in Melbourne (this being one sporty city, compared to the South-West of France). My Mizunos have well over 400km on them and my knees and ankle hurt… so I thought I’d just check out the Shoe Logic near my work, to see what the options were.

It was very fun and the staff were fantastic, specially compared to the Athlete’s Foot in the CBD who just get you to walk on a mat and then chuck a shoebox at you. They videoed me running barefoot on the treadmill first, and then in a variety of shoes. They said my running gait was bordering on perfect (they could have sold me anything at this point, I am such a sucker for praise), but I definitely had a wobble on that right-hand ankle which gives me so much trouble. I realised that I scrunch up my toes when I’m running in the Mizunos, and we switched me to a narrower shoe by Brooks. The best bit… the price! Normally, professional running shoes fitted at a specialist shop cost at least $200. These are last year’s model, the Adrenaline GTS10, so they were only $130 (down from $220!). I snapped them up and now I’m far too keen to get home and go for a run.

There’s something about new running shoes which makes running the most appealing thing to do in the entire world. Far more appealing than, say, work…


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