speeding up

Distance: 4-somethingkm
Time: 23:53
Pace: 5:50min/km

I actually forgot to switch on miCoach for the first 3 minutes or so, so the statistics it gives me are 3.6km at a pace of 5:43 — I’m increasingly inclined to now run a gentle warm-up kilometre and then turn on the tracker, as advised to me by Michael in the past.

It was really, really hard to get out of bed and go running today, even with the siren call of box-fresh shoes. It was also quite hard to start running, and it was getting hard to keep running, but then miCoach announced I’d run a kilometre uphill in 5:38 and suddenly I realised that 1- it was hard because I was running so much faster than usual, and 2- it’s okay to slow down in that case, and 3- GOLLY GOSH I RAN MY FIRST KM IN WELL UNDER 6 MINUTES!

So I took it easier and the next kilometres were 5:50, 5:35 (!) and 5:51. I’ve learned to be suspicious of miCoach’s GPS but I have checked the charts and maps and everything seems right. I had decided not to track my stats too closely whilst I’m getting back into running, but seeing this, I’m now so keen to buy a Garmin I may have to run to the city the minute I get paid. Of course I should just get one online, it’ll be cheaper…

Oh and an action shot of the New Shoes for Karine!


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