little speedster

That is what Amanda called me today. Guilty as charged — I galloped through my yoga poses today, and finished about 3 asanas ahead of everyone else. It was partly because I wasn’t feeling strong enough to hold many of the postures for the full 5 breaths (more like 5 seconds), but partly because I was unable to slow things down anyway. My brain was whirring and the yoga was barely bringing my thoughts down to normal speeds.

Downward dog is so exhausting now that I can get my heels on the ground… I hope it improves within the next few sessions as my hamstrings get used to it, because right now it takes everything out of me within 10 minutes of starting class.

Other thoughts in my head: MSF have accepted James; we’re thinking of going on a cycle tour of the Faroe Islands; boss and I are struggling to stay civil; one month till I leave Australia!


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