seven sensible kilometres

Distance: 7km
Time: 45min
Average pace: 6:20min/km

My right ankle, shin and knee are kind of not quite right. Sore. Not painful but if I flex my ankle a certain way, it feels dodgy. So I went gently-gently.

Like last time, I didn’t turn my tracker on straight away. The warm-up shouldn’t count, otherwise I start pushing before my body is ready! Anyway, I was running on flat(ish) streets down to Edinburgh Gardens and around and back, so I expected to be a little faster than that. However I’m happy to see a consistent speed throughout my run, as all my splits are nicely balanced, and 6:20 is okay I guess. For an “easy” run.

I don’t want to go to work! I need a day off — I have so much housework and packing and organising to do before I move out of my darling little sublet next week… Gah. And I still have nowhere to live after that. But work I must.


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