floppy right

Today in yoga I flowed from a chest press into upward dog, looked down at my feet as I flipped over to downward dog, and the same sight I’ve seen for 12 months suddenly had alarm bells ringing. I nearly always let my right foot roll outwards instead of straight up over my toes the way my left foot does (this probably makes no sense to anyone who doesn’t do yoga, but as my two most faithful readers do, I’m hoping it will mean something to them).

And my right ankle is the one that is causing me trouble when I run — it rolls in a bit, like it does in yoga. I asked Amanda about it and she said my inner right ankle is imbalanced and consequently weak from not being worked correctly. I realised from that point onwards that my normal posture places more weight on my left foot than the right. I’m now making a conscious effort to activate my right foot more… I am hoping this will help with the running. One of the reasons I do yoga is to make me a better runner…

I realised this morning that if I don’t find a place to stay in Fitzroy I won’t be able to go to yoga in the mornings anymore! This is quite sad as I am really getting back into it. And I have 5 more classes left on my card…


5 thoughts on “floppy right

  1. It does make sense to me, and now that you are aware of it you can consciously work on strengthening that ankle. Gotta love those mini-epiphanies where something suddenly jumps at you and just puts everything into perspective…

  2. Might want to look into orthotics or at least off-the-peg insoles like superfeet (if you don’t think it’s that bad/don’t want to go and see a podiatrist).

    (I know of what I speak, since I used to sell hiking boots and also found out a few years ago that my knee problems were due to flat feet, been much better since I have had orthotics).

    • That’s an interesting idea; today I wore my new Brooks runners (see a couple of entries below) because I wanted something that would be really supportive. I have high arches and whilst I do normally wear really good insoles in my boots and flats, recently what with all my house-moving upheaval I have lost sight of them (I’m sure they must be somewhere…). But my insoles are more to cushion impact than to support my feet, so I will definitely think about it! now that I’m going travelling, I’m really excited about getting rid of all my prissy shoes and living with 1 pair of runners, 1 pair of sneakers, 1 pair of sandals, 1 pair of boots and 1 pair of flats (sounds like a lot? remember I had 60+ pairs!). So I want the ones I’m keeping to be perfect and very comfortable.

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