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What did I do for me this week? Not that much — there was a lot of work, a lot of moving heavy boxes and suitcases around (which I could not have achieved without the cheerful help of my beloved Bridget, upon whose shoulder I had a little sob when I was overwhelmed with gratitude), and a lot of annoyance and impatience with my trainee (which I failed to hide with any great success — my emotions are written all over my face, unfortunately!).

However today, oh joy! I read a book. I am tired of reading on my phone and on the iPad. So I read The Heart of a Dog, by Mikhail Bulgakov, whose Master and Margarita I loved so much. I enjoyed it — interesting, clever and irreverent, same style and tone as M&M, and of course anything with dogs in it is a bonus these days.

This is almost the only book I have managed to read from the pile I stacked up exactly 3 months ago. I did read most of Murder and Science (because obviously it was an intellectual powerhouse and could not be missed), and I’m halfway through Anna Karenina still… I can’t believe how difficult it has become for me to pick up a book, and somehow I find Anna Karenina guilty of putting me off reading. Even though I enjoy every chapter I read of it (or that I get James to read to me), it is definitely not a book I can race through, and it’s been like a hurdle I couldn’t get over, preventing me from reading anything else. I’ve sadly packed away/sold all my own books, but fortunately I am staying at Bridget’s this week and she is also a voracious reader. And her library is in the guest bedroom — score! But I’ll give Anna a last chance tomorrow on the train (going down to Frankston for my penultimate driving lesson before I re-sit my driver’s licence on the 15th of April!).

The additional benefit of reading a book whilst I was at work was that I felt less like I was wasting my time (being at work makes my blood boil with anger and frustration) and also wasn’t staring at a screen the entire day. Loved it! I’m so looking forward to being back at Malbernat, where I devour Mummy’s books night and day… aaah early retirement, heading my way!


2 thoughts on “back to mine

  1. I want photos of bruises! here, tomorrow, and that’s an order!
    No, I am sooo glad you are ok (ish) and so looking forward to seeing you, 🙂

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