on getting hit by a bus

Yes, I was fortunate enough to get knocked down by a bus yesterday. It wasn’t much fun and I look forward to avoiding such events in future (even though I wasn’t at all at fault, now I am extra cautious about crossing roads no matter what the lights say). But I am so glad it wasn’t any worse than some interesting bruising and rather painful whiplash.

Consequently I have some time off from work before I leave, to be spent limping around and wishing I was already in Europe. I have now read a whole TWO books and hope to read a few more before I am done. I finished Truth or Dare, a collection of short autobiographical stories, and enjoyed it very much. I must remember to return it to Bridget!

And then today, when I was walking back from the Doctor’s, along Merri Creek Trail, I got lost (terrible idea to follow rivers in Melbourne, they bend and curve and go the wrong direction entirely) and stopped to rest in a little park. There I found a stack of books, abandoned or forgotten, I couldn’t say.

Maybe someone will be missing them, but I chose to interpret it as a cheerful little offering from the gods of reading-when-you-are-lost-in-a-park-after-getting-hit-by-a-bus. I only took the top one, The Tenancy, which I devoured side-by-side with a delicious sandwich in a small cafe in Northcote. Now I’m back at Rebecca’s house where hot water bottles and a nap will hopefully help me recharge. I’ve been feeling very crappy, unsurprisingly, but I still need to go make a statement with the police, so my day isn’t over yet.


7 thoughts on “on getting hit by a bus

  1. Serendipity finding a book, makes me happy for you.
    I hope the statement experience isn’t too disagreeable.
    It’s bound to take a while to eliminate the cortisol from your body, just take it gently.

    • Yeowch. I hope you’re okay. I love having time to read, but mortal peril isn’t a great way to get more of it! Seriously though, I do hope you’re okay. I was hit by a car when I was nine. Sixteen years later I’m still having corrective surgery. Reading helps me get through when I’m housebound, which I haven’t been so much recently touch wood.

      • Thanks – that sounds like a very scary accident that you had, and I continue to be grateful that I wasn’t seriously injured. I hope your health issues are improving, after all the continuing treatment… And yes, books are a fantastic way to brighten long dull days…

    • Urgh, I still haven’t been to the police… I can’t be bothered to do anything at the moment…. Heat patches have improved things significantly though, so I’m not in quite as much pain now,

  2. I always think everything happens for a reason…but somehow getting hit by a bus doesn’t seem to make much sense to me. The books however, do.
    Hope you have a good rest before you go. And I hope you’ll be blogging when you’re gone. xx

    • Thanks! I see it as a little warning/reminder that life is precious and I’m going to additionally appreciate the extra time off from work… Although I’ve been quite bored with nothing to do! I will definitely be blogging from France — I’ve kind of run out of things to say at the moment but I am sure there will be plenty once I’m overseas!

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