I decided that a run was essential to my well-being this evening. Between all the deliciously unhealthy food and the dreary moods I’ve been in this week, it was time for some exercise. Yesterday’s yoga was fine, so I felt confident about running and plotted a route down to Merri Creek that looped back towards High St and then up back to Preston. I eyeballed the distance to be about 5km and decided to leave my phone at home, so as to avoid the unpleasantness of constantly worrying about pace and distance.

Of course, this also deprived me of any kind of orientation aid. I got lost leaving Merri Creek (when oh when will I learn not to think of paths along rivers as going in a straight line?) and was eventually picked up by a bus driver who reassured me I was heading in the right direction — just way further out than I had imagined. Sitting on the (deserted) bus for a couple of minutes allowed me to get my breath back and reflect upon my conflicting emotions with regards to bus drivers in Melbourne.

Soon we hit High St and I thanked the driver before running the last kilometre back home. I have not had time to measure precisely but I think I ran about 6-7km in 45 minutes… (edit: I’ve since had time to check, and it’s just about 6.7km). Now I hurt all over and my ribs are definitely tighter than I’m used to, but I think the gentle run was a great idea and I’m hoping I will fit in maybe one more (final!) jog before I leave Australia on Friday.


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