This weekend I have been gladly catching up with friends before I leave town. I saw Ping-Ping and Ken and their beautiful baby boy (Ping is the first of my university friends to actuallyl have a baby in the flesh as opposed to “on Facebook”, so it was quite a strange feeling) and we had crepes together. Then Pete came to pick me up and we drove up to Kerri’s where I had a sugar overdose. We stayed the night there (I had my sleeping pills with me so I slept quite well on the couch), and then I did yoga in the morning. That was my first exercising since the bus incident and it went fine, except that every time I went into upward dog, Kerri’s dog would get excited and lick my face! Upward dog will always be Kissing dog for me now.

Then Pete dropped me in Fitzroy where Mansa and I went for a delicious gossipy brunch on the roof of the Marquis of Lorne. Kane finally emerged from his coma circa 3pm so then I hopped on a train and went down to the glorious town of Werribee. I don’t know why Australian suburbs are all so identically lacking in charm… however Kane and I always have a great time and we watched films, documentaries and random episodes of Red Dwarf late into the night, passing out like teenagers in a bed full of McDonalds and PEZ.

Now I am impatiently counting down the hours till I leave Australia (108 hours), till I see James in London (232 hours) and till we get to France (262 hours)… Miss him so much!


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