baby steps

Well, James and I had a fantastic 2 months and whilst I didn’t get round to turning this into a travel blog, I did read plenty of books, visit new countries, and develop several new skills (applying lip balm whilst going at 175kmph on the back of a motorbike, buying stamps in Italian, sleeping in the gap between two single beds posing as a double bed… I could go on). So I would define our time together here in Europe as a success.

Unfortunately James suddenly became indispensable to MSF and is now busy in Uganda for the next 9 months. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a massive shock to have one week to get used to the idea of my boyfriend and close buddy disappearing, but now that I’ve calmed down, I’m confident it’ll work out fine.

And now that I’m by myself I have to of course start paying close attention to Doing Things For Me again. Hence hopefully starting up this blog again.

Big FOR ME decision was going back to Taiwan, to get my Mandarin back to fluency level. I’m waiting with bated breath to hear back from the university I have applied to, and re-learning characters at an insane rate! I have discovered so many great applications and websites to use with my iPad (and of course trusty pen and paper), it’s been great fun studying. Not to mention, it’s such a valuable distraction when I’m feeling blue.

In mini-FOR ME gestures today, I went for a bike ride with my not-so-little brother. The chain/gear changing thinger got jammed and I eventually mended it; we rode to the village and had a Mr Freeze, and then to the lake and had a coke and some frites. It was good to finally get out, as since a 10km run/walk on the beach with James 10 days ago I’ve been very sedentary! However, after reading up on runner’s knee, I’m going to confine my exercising to swimming for the time being. Cycling made my knees hurt again in a way they haven’t for the last few weeks 😦 Hopefully it will stop raining soon so I can swim a bit here.

Also today: cooking quinoa! And downloading Drawcast, which I am having fun with…


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