aie aie aie

Mummy’s dog Bessie has been so forlorn since we came back from our travels, I was starting to think she misses James more than I do. Mummy however suggested it was more to do with not having been on a proper walk for a couple of weeks, so last night I pulled on my walking boots and took her out for an hour and a half-long walk, despite the rain.

I took my earphones with me and ended up listening to episodes of The Infinite Monkey Cage, which is a bit like xkcd in podcast form — comedy and science intelligently blended (and I hasten to add, nothing like that tv show The Big Bang (which I won’t link to)). I would have liked to listen to the rain falling around me in the forest but I’m afraid it was making me morose — TIMC was the perfect antidote as it was entertaining and vaguely thought-provoking, like hanging out with clever funny people (while trudging through the woods in the rain).

Bessie did cheer up (as well as chase a deer and frolic with a rabbit) but I am regretting my enthusiasm as I tried to run with her — up a hill no less — in my heavy boots — and hurt my knees again. Today they are aaaaaching and I despair of ever running again 😦

I have finished An Old-Fashioned Girl, and also Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, and now really should think about something a little more active. But my knees, my knees! Maybe I’ll just study some more…


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