There are many benefits to staying at my mother’s house, including the fact that she will more often than not be able to provide the ingredients and utensils required, should a lightening bolt of inspiration happen to strike. I missed out on my younger brother’s caffeine-fueled baking experience this morning, but I can confirm that the resulting raspberry and lemon muffins were delicious (the poor sleep-deprived child hasn’t been able to sample them himself yet).

My turn to spin the blender came later, and I have happily consumed the results with very little assistance. If I were a proper health food blogger, I would have added spinach to make the infamous Green Monster, but then that would have spoilt the gorgeous colour of my pretty pink smoothie, and this photo would never have happened.

For your own pink smoothie:

1 cup of cherry yoghurt
1 cup of frozen raspberries
1 frozen banana


I finally discovered the delight that is iBooks! I have downloaded a dozen free classics and am swooning with happiness as I read my way through an old favourite which I’d given up trying to find in print: An Old Fashioned Girl by Louisa May Alcott. I read the first half during The Longest Bath Ever (yes, you can read iPads in the bath if you are very careful, and very handy with towels, and not scared of electrocuting yourself or drowning your expensive Apple Product — I am obviously gifted).


2 thoughts on “pink

    • I didn’t ! Even though I really enjoyed what I read, it just didn’t work for me so I had to “move on” as it was book-blocking my reading! Since I abandoned her I have read so many more books — at least 50 in 3 months — so I don’t regret it… One day maybe?


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