The days go by and it’s difficult to define what exactly I have done. But today I went with mummy to her yoga class. I am not a fan of the Kundalini style, as there is a lot of huffing and puffing and sort of weird postures. However it was good to get some exercise; the best thing about doing a class of any description is if you do everything from beginning to end, you really feel like you pushed yourself and achieved something.

I did do a spot of Ashtanga on Wednesday, and felt fantastic afterwards. Why is it so hard to do so every day? Or even every couple of days… Now I am actually very tired and am hoping that the yoga + walking the dog today will help me get to sleep nice and early (it’s already 10pm but I’ve been awake till gone 4am the last few nights — bloody iPad! I’ve been reading all of E.Nesbit for reasons unknown…).

In one week we are leaving to go to England (and then Sweden and then Taiwan) so I need to start thinking about packing… Still haven’t heard from my Taiwanese university though which SUCKS. I need a letter to apply for a visa and if I don’t have a response soon I’ll be screwed!


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