wet and lost

I took Bess for a long walk today; I must be channeling James as I didn’t feel like walking the same paths as we usually do. So I just took whatever path appealed to me every time we came to a new fork in the woods or on the roads. We ended up walking for nearly two hours, mostly without a clue where we were, and sometimes in driving rain — I was listening to podcasts and mostly didn’t mind about getting wet, although my jeans and coat were soaked through by the time we got home.

We stopped about halfway to take shelter under a tree, but after a minute or so realised it was warmer to keep moving. So I took a couple of pictures and we continued on our vagrant way.

Wet Bessie (who never stays still when you photograph her):

Wet (and slightly over-saturated) Rosie:

At one point I didn’t have the smallest clue where we were, other than in a sort of valley with steep slopes looming on either side, and suddenly the forests looked very dark and menacing around us, but I took a photo of that too and it looked quite inoffensive on-screen, so I decided it probably wasn’t too scary.

We got home in the end, obviously, so my orientation skills can’t be that bad.

In other news, I don’t need to get a visa for Taiwan thanks to my British passport (yay!) so I can stop worrying about that. I wish it was Monday already so I can call the school and find out about my application…


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