I took a trip to Cahors and convinced Vincent that it was essential he teach me how to make Pommes boulangères. He kindly did, and I stuffed my face with 2 big plates of potato goodness, before catching the coach. I then got very coach-sick and sadly threw up the precious pommes when I got home!

But I’m writing down the recipe, for my own future reference. For days when I’m not planning to take the coach.

Take several medium-large potatoes (as many as you plan on eating, which in my case was about 70-hundred). Slice them thinly and then place in a pan full of water whilst faffing around looking for onions.

Locate onions, and slice thinly as well. In order to get very thin slices, either use a mandoline or a professionally-trained French chef. I could’t find a mandoline so I made do with a chef.

Put some chicken stock on to heat, and dash some oil in the bottom of an oven dish — preferably a roasting pan. Drain the potatoes, and start layering potatoes, onion, a few dabs of butter, salt and pepper, and a ladleful of hot stock. Repeat layers until all ingredients are used up. Top with more butter and plenty of salt and pepper.

Cover with foil. Find a pan the same size as the one the potatoes are in, and fill it with water. Place the water-pan on top of the foil-covered potato-pan in order to press them down (apparently), and pop in the oven until potatoes are completely cooked. Remove water-pan and foil and return to oven so the top layer can crisp up.

Eat with crunchy baguette whilst watching the AWFUL French reality tv show, Secret Story. Do NOT take any form of transport.

Vincent wanted to add lardons and various other things because otherwise it’s too bland, but I refused. He sulked a little and then made a goats cheese and tomato tart as well as chocolate and almond brownies. I had forgotten how he is constantly cooking!

And NCCU have finally sent my admissions letter, all I need to do now is find somewhere to live and turn up to classes with 30,000 TWD in cash…


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