birthday meme

I haven’t done a meme in years and years but this one seemed rather suitable right now, being as it’s my birthday…

25 Years Ago (July 1986), I:
turned 3, and was living in Bradford-on-Avon in England. I don’t remember much but I’m sure I was naughty and bossy and talkative already.

20 Years Ago (July 1992), I:
turned 8, and was living in the Creuse, in France. I was already bilingual and my favourite things to do included reading, reading, reading and riding my bike.

15 Years Ago (July 1996), I:
turned 13, and was still living in the Creuse. I had braces and a best friend and my favourite things included reading, getting up to mischief, boys, clothes and boys again.

10 Years Ago (July 2001), I:
turned 18 and had just finished college, passing my bac with decent results considering my bad attendance records. I was in the middle of breaking up with my boyfriend Christophe, who I had been living with for 18 months, and was about to move down South to get my own flat and my first job (at Carrefour).

5 Years Ago (July 2006), I:
turned 23 in Bahrain. I was about to head off to Taiwan for a year, and had just begun what was to be a 4-year infatuation which went nowhere.

3 Years Ago (July 2008), I:
turned 25 in Melbourne, Australia. I had just started my grown-up job a few months earlier and didn’t dare ask for the day off, so even though I had a stinking cold, I still went in and did my duty. I was too anxious about getting a work permit to think about anything else anyway (repeat for another 2.5 years).

1 Year Ago (July 2010), I:
turned 27 in Hong-Kong. I was over to see my supermate Cici, and had a fantastic time buying way too many pairs of shoes.

Yesterday, I:
wasted all morning at the doctor’s and the chemist’s trying to get prescriptions for my trip to Taiwan. I didn’t really mind as I was so happy about the email I got from James in Uganda.

Today, I:
turned 28 in France. I packed my suitcase for Taiwan and my carry-on for England and Sweden. I went for one last walk with Raphael, Bessie and Fanou (brother and dogs).

Tomorrow, I:
leave early to drive up to Devon with Mummy and my dear siblings Raphael and Polly, so we can visit our Grandmother, who I haven’t seen since April 2007.

In a week, I:
will head up to London, anticipating my flight to Sweden. I’m hoping I can catch up with a couple of people before I leave!

In one month (August 2011), I:
will be sitting the placement test for my chinese classes, in Taipei. As soon as they are done, my darling Cici is coming to see me from Hong-Kong!! SUPERMATES REUNION

In one year (July 2012), I:
will turn 29 and I hope I will be with my superhero boyfriend James, making up for this birthday that we can’t spend together. I also hope that I will finally have some sort of qualification for my Chinese, and will be either employed or looking for employment that actually interests me. I have no idea what country I will be in though…oh and I hope my knees will have recovered enough for me to be running again.

In five years (July 2016), I:
will turn 33 and I’m sure I will be a much nicer person. I should hopefully have spent enough time in Australia to become a citizen by then. Which is handy as my current passport will finally have expired in 2014. I used to think I’d have kids by the time I was 23 (hah! hah!) but I can’t actually visualize children even by 33 at the moment…


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